Company Background

The C-TEC technology and service for the materials testing GmbH, based in Dortmund is the result of many years of experience and cooperation between science and industry. The growing market of material testing offers numerous possibilities and growth in both the technology and the service sector with a comprehensive range of services. Reliable, economical and customized technology solutions provide a competitive advantage.

Crawlers - Systems Engineering

Through the permanently development of the pipeline - Crawler C 150 and C 400 it is possible to offer a technological and an economical complete system solution that meets the highest standards and set new standards in quality.

Production and distribution of X-ray equipment

The C-TEC GmbH produces and sells X-ray equipment, industrial quality assurance in the areas open reliability, economy and quality of many possibilities.


Specific requirements for market conditions are planed in collaboration with the customer, carried out promptly and individually. Thus the customer achieves a fast response time to new testing requirements.

Support services

Both the maintenance, repair and calibration of equipment, and the operation of complex testing technologies in the testing of materials are used by our skilled personnel also performed reliably.