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RD-Scanner scheme

Radiometic density – / wall thickness profile measurement (Examination of the process behavior in columns)

1. task

  • Implementation of non-destructive testing
  • Test carried out during operation
  • Process and state characterization of the column

2. Testing

  • Radiometric measurement of the attenuation of gamma rays passing through the column cross-section
  • Spotlight: Cesium 137
  • detector: scintillation
  • Adjustment of the relative vertical position of emitter and detector
  • Drive units flexibly mountable
  • synchronous movement radiator / detector
  • Continuous or step control

3. assessment

  • Pulse rate at the detector and the corresponding vertical position provide a pulse-/path diagraph
  • pulse rates depending on density, thickness and mass attenuation coefficient
  • Location constructive fixtures directly derivable
  • variations in thickness (eg material) can be detected by pulse rate differences
  • Perform the specific densities of the possible outcomes to distinguishable pulse rate-/elevation

4. advantages

  • Testing requires no downtime.
  • process parameters (pressure, temperature, composition) do not affect the test performance.
  • The manipulation device and the computer-based control and evaluation density-/thickness measurement guarantee reproducible.
  • The evaluation software allows direct comparison of density-/thickness measurement at different process conditions.
  • The activity of the gamma emitters require radiation protection other special measures, a failure of other radiometric measurement systems in the plant is usually excluded.