Since 25 Yearscompetent and practiced


Both the calibration, testing, maintenance and repair of equipment and the operation of complex testing technologies are reliably carried out by our competent technical personnel.

We can offer our services at a reasonable price through optimal logistics management.

Our services at a glance

Calibrations from:

in the accredited area

Only in permanent laboratory

  • illuminance of measuring devices (standard light A)
  • irradiance measuring devices (365 nm)

In the permanent laboratory and on site

  • ultrasound equipment (digital)
  • Wall thickness gauges
  • Field strength measuring devices (direct and alternating field)
  • Hardness measuring devices (UCI and Leeb)

In non-accredited areas

In the laboratory

  • illuminance of measuring devices (standard light A)
  • irradiance measuring devices (365 nm)

In the laboratory and on site

  • Ultrasonic devices (digital / analog / phased array)
  • Luminance meters
  • densitometers
  • Coating Thickness Gauges
  • calibration body, step calibration body, test body
  • Eddy current test equipment
  • crack depth gauges

examinations from:

in the permanent laboratory and on site

  • film viewers
  • yoke magnets
  • demagnetization tunnel
  • UV lamps

on site

  • Magnetic test benches

Other services

  • Ultrasonic test cables (own production), for example MPKLL, PKLL, SEKL and DA 231
  • Sale of accumulators and batteries
  • Spare parts procurement

X-ray equipment

  • Inspection/repair incl. inspection according to DGUV V3 and certificate
  • Creation and measurement of focal spot images including certificate
  • Warning lamp monitoring (WLÜ), installation and modification of your system

radiation protection

  • Preparation of your radiation protection according to current RöV (X-ray regulation)
  • Construction of radiation protection cabins according to your specifications or construction as required (measurement and planning are carried out by us)
  • leadlining work
  • Radiation measurement and consulting in structural radiation protection

As special solutions, we offer post-leadings and the retrofitting of cabins with digital image intensifier or detector technology – with many years of experience and individual conception.