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Customer satisfaction and complaints

There is a chance in every complaint. We want to use every opportunity that arises.

As C-TEC, we strive to offer our customers competent solutions and outstanding service. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. Their feedback gives us the chance to better understand their needs and thus to improve our services.

We appreciate constructive feedback and take all your comments or complaints seriously. Please let us know if we have not fully met your expectations or if there is cause for complaint. But we also appreciate positive feedback!
Please contact our complaints office by e-mail or mail.

Information about your complaint in order to process it quickly and efficiently

Please state your company name, contact person, company address and, if a reference to an order is possible, the offer, order or report number. Please describe in detail the reason for your dissatisfaction.

What happens with your complaint

Immediately after receipt of the complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt that we have received it and that it has been forwarded to the complaint management for processing, which will deal with it objectively and impartially.

  • A member of the complaint management team will contact you by telephone within a few days in order to record and process the complaint case in a comprehensive and targeted manner. This employee is your contact person for the entire handling of the complaint case.
  • In order to find a solution, we research internally in our company, collect and check all relevant information and documentation, which is the basis for our services.
  • If necessary, we will inform you about the result or the measures taken after completion of the complaint case.


All parties involved in a complaint procedure enjoy the highest confidentiality. Only those data and information necessary to resolve the complaint will be disclosed.


A complaint will be recorded in writing in our electronic system and concrete measures will be taken. Customer feedback and complaints also serve as important input data in our internal review process to further develop and strengthen the quality of our work and our quality management system.