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DAkkS calibration:

    • Illuminance meters (standard light A).
      Standard measuring points:
      20 lx, 1000 lx, 1800 lx
    • Irradiance meters (365 nm).
      Standard measuring points:
      300 µW/cm², 1000 µW/cm², 5000 µW/cm²
    • Field strength meters in AC and DC field.
      Standard measuring points AC:
      1.5 kA/m, 4.0 kA/m, 7.0 kA/m
      Standard measuring points DC:
      1.0 kA/m, 4.0 kA/m, 7.0 kA/m


  • Hardness measuring devices (UCI / Leeb Impact body D)
  • Ultrasonic devices (digital)
  • Wall thickness gauges

Have a look at our DAkkS certificate (DAkkS Scope C-TEC GmbH) here.

Please also see the list of our flexible accreditation here 5._03 (VD) – Liste flex. akkr. Verfahren_Stand 27.12.2022.

devices for which we perform factory calibrations:

  • Densitometer with certified reference material
  • Luminance meters
  • Coating Thickness Gauges
  • crack depth gauges

devices on which we carry out inspections:

  • UV lamp
  • yoke magnets
  • Film viewer
  • Eddy current meters


Within the scope of our accreditation, we would like to point out to our customers that we have to comply with the requirements of the EA-3/01 M:2021 standard. Therefore, we ask you to inform us about the type of calibration when placing an order. Do you wish an ISO calibration or a DAkkS accredited calibration? In the case of an ISO calibration, we would like to point out that the calibration certificate issued does not comply with the requirements of the EA MLA.

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