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Are you planning a new building or an extension of an inspection system? We will be happy to advise in the planning and installation.

This enables you to react quickly and promptly to specific market requirements and new inspection needs.

X-ray cabinet

This full safety enclosure enables routine tests under the best working conditions in digital radiography. The specimens can be placed by a lead-glass door in the device. The X-ray system has a max. Performance of 160kV / 10mA with a focal spot size of 1.5 mm and 0.4 mm. By pressing a button, the X-ray image appears on a monitor. Error in part can be detected quickly.

To move the test piece during the inspection, the manipulator has the movable table on axes X, Y, Z, and R (rotation around the vertical axis Y).

The image converter tube latest design are generated, high resolution image of a modern CCD camera, and closes electronically 3 zoom levels to choose from. The video signal can be used to improve the readability and storage offered with image processing systems.