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X-ray crawler C 150

X-ray crawler C 150

Drive unit

Sturdy stainless steel construction with an attached bracket to center the radiation source. This can be adjusted over the entire useable diameter range (150 – 400mm).

The movement is given by a four-wheel drive, which transmit the torque from the DC- motor over a low-maintenance chain to both axes. The contact pressure takes place by its own weight, the vertical load from the tube chassis and the car battery.

Control unit

  • Microprocessor based PLC circuit.
  • Power consumption 100mA.
  • control of the crawler in the pipe with magnet control or isotope.
  • Automatic stand-by mode without signal after 1 hour.
  • Two external exposures.
  • All components are easily interchangeable as they are socketed into Jacks. As a result of repairs or disconnecting cables, no soldering is required.
  • Overcurrent monitoring by the electronics.
  • A modular connector system cable connections account for carriage or for tube electronics or Isotopes slideout.
  • to avoid possible malfunction on counter bar and due to a lost of the crawler, an automatic reversing time can be programmed before entering the tube.
  • An extension or modification of the software is possible at any time, if necessary (update – Service).