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Stationary X-ray systems

Stationary X-ray systems

The stationary constant potential series of the C-TEC company

The listed single-pole and two-pole systems with a capacity up to 4.5 kW, due to the high reproducibility and high dose rates are used for both the x-ray with film technique and fluoroscopy as well as for imaging and dosimetry applications. Given the wide voltage range up to 450 kV, the field of application of the study of light metals and thin-walled low density materials sufficient to thick high-density materials such as 115 mm iron. The microprocessor control via the serial control PCB or MP1 controller with memory function for system troubleshooting.

The constant potential systems are equipped with the 45 kHz-equipped technology, which ensures high accuracy and stability of the high voltage and the tube current. Therefore, the plants respond quickly to changes in the standard, which the testing time can be greatly reduced in most cases.

By the continuous comparison of the actual values with the desired values, both variations in the medium and long range, as well as corrected in the microsecond range. The X-ray systems are easy to use, because the basic data setting of the control unit is menu driven MP1. Operating parameters and error messages are displayed on a crystal clear display in plain text. Furthermore, can be stored up to 100 frequently recurring recording data and retrieved by entering the program number. All system components are protected from exposure to dust and water. Generators and power supplies meet the IP54 protection class.